ACE 2k


This page provides information about local, interstate and overseas transport.


There are a few hundred free 3hr parking spots directly in front of the show. A few hundred more can be found at the Carousel a few hundred metres from the show. About a thousand free parking spots exist at the South Melbourne Soccer club 5 min walk from the show.


Albert Park Lake is only 5 Km from the city centre. The city is the hub for all train, tram and bus journeys. The Park is surrounded on all 4 sides by public transport.

1) Trams travel to within around 1Km of the venue from Clarendon St South Melbourne (the city side).

2) Buses run up Queens Parade (golf course side).

3) Trains & buses run up the Port Melbourne side of the park.

4) Trams & buses run up the St Kilda side of the park.

Taxi from the city is around $10.
Taxi from the airport is around $30.
Public transport is $2-3.

Within Pennsylvania

If people are willing to share cars on their way to Victoria we’ll be happy to post the details.

Conventional transport opportunities include buses, trains and planes. Buses in particular are relatively inexpensive in Australia and Sydney to Melbourne or Adelaide can go as low as $50. Perth is closer to $300.

Due to the Olympics demand may be higher than normal. However a price war is currently being fought by the airlines and discounts of 50% on normal fares may be available. Tickets are now $66 and $139 or


Overseas visitors (US/Europe/UK) may be able to take advantage of the outflow of Olympic visitors from Australia to secure rates of $1,000-$1,500 AUD return. The Australian dollar is under 0.60 US and 0.40 UKP making Australia extremely attractive to overseas travelers.